ACL Injury Prevention Programs

Why participate in an ACL prevention Program?

  • Adolescent female athletes involved in cutting or jumping sports incur ACL injuries 3-6x more than male counterparts.
  • Approximately one in 50 female high school athletes will sustain a serious knee injury in any given year of varsity sports.
  • Previous research on ACL prevention programs has demonstrated a reduced incidence of non-contact injuries by 70-80% in college and high school athletes respectively.
  • Programs aimed at prevention are always cheaper than the cost of surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.
  • There is a lot of money invested every year in sports participation, including club team fees, tournaments, combines, equipment, and travel. This is in essence an insurance policy to minimize the likelihood of injury that could result in inability to benefit from all the financial investment that goes into a particular season.
  • College coaches and recruiters have more confidence in an athlete with a strong physical foundation and proper biomechanics who has been “injury proofed” prior to their college sports career.

What are the Risk Factors explaining gender differences for non-contact ACL injuries?

  • Anatomic differences – wider hips and greater knee angulation affections proper movement of the knees; not as big of a contributor in dynamic knee stability as originally thought.
  • Hormonal differences – ligamentous laxity may increase with hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle
  • Neuromuscular differences – 4 distinct variables
    Ligament Dominance – an imbalance between ligamentous and neuromuscular controlof dynamic knee stability
    Quadriceps Dominance – an imbalance between flexor and extensor strength, recruitment, and coordination which leads to greater shear forces on the ligaments

    Leg Dominance – and imbalance between the lower extremities in strength and coordination

  • Core Strength – poor postural control leads to a poor ability to control the trunk over the center of gravity.

Evolution Sports aims to intervene on all of these variables to help adolescent female athletes improve their foundational movement characteristics. We cannot change anatomy, or hormonal differences, but we can impact all of the Neuromuscular variables. This starts with a sound assessment that will be performed alongside licensed Physical Therapists. We will identify where each individual is at greatest risk and a problem list will be created. As a group, all individuals will complete the core prevention training together and they will be re-tested periodically in their performance attributes. If there are particular problem areas that persist beyond the scope of this prevention program, further recommendations will be made to the athlete and their parents. 

If you have questions about ACL prevention programs, please feel free to call us at 410-628-0520. 

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  1. Doki says:

    Tore ACL Playing Soccer 21 01 2012 I am a huge fan of your blog. a0I tore my acl/mcl about 8 monhts ago, 7 monhts post operation. a0I feel better month to month, but just not there yet. a0You mentioned you came back to early to soccer. a0Is there a few things i could do to really know when i am ready to play competitive again? a0After doing this once i dont want to do it again. Tore ACL Playing Soccer

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