Baltimore’s True Sports Rehab

Does your current physical therapy office have the space to throw a baseball? Could you mimic your volleyball serve, display your dead lift or flip a tire in your current place of rehab or training?

If not, than you are not in a true sports medicine facility. At EVOLUTION SPORTS  you will be treated to not just the facility to hone your skills and form, but Baltimore’s finest therapists and trainers  specializing in true sports rehab.

Recently, while evaluating a patient with  a knee injury, I began discussing with him his training practices. This patient is an active 58 year old who complains of knee pain. While the patient is able to leg press 600 pounds, he could barely lay on his side and  hold his leg up against gravity!

No wonder he has knee pain and a torn meniscus.

Muscle balance and control are import parts of any athletic movement. We at EVOLUTION SPORTS in Cockeysville, Maryland specialize in sports and orthopedic injury diagnosis, treatment and a progression to a full home/gym exercise routine.

As soon as this patient is taught ways to strengthen his hips and knees while completing his squats, he will be well on the road to recovery. Thoughts and ideas will be discussed with the patient’s current personal trainer and his current gym exercises will be tailored to suit his deficits and weaknesses discovered during our physical therapy evaluation.

Consultation with ones personal trainer is just one of the array of services we provide at EVOLUTION SPORTS. From dry needling to joint manipulation and everything in between, we attempt to offer elyet level of service to our patients. Check out our website for more information on all that we do at

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