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Morgan – I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic job you did getting me back into shape after my ACL reconstruction. I just had my Biodex and hop test today and the examiner almost wouldn’t run the hop tests because I was only 23 weeks post-op (normally they wait until 26 weeks). She was totally amazed with the strength I had in my injured leg; My injured leg was actually stronger than the uninvolved side on every test but one in which they were equal. My doctor was thoroughly impressed and released me to return to full sport participation. Thank you so much!

– Andi O’C., 48 y.o. female Lacrosse Player and Coach

Morgan and his team at Evolution Sports have made the crucial difference during my post knee-surgery rehabilitation. I have been through three surgeries and several other therapy facilities prior to learning about Evolution Sports. The difference is in the results and their attention to my goals. Morgan uses a variety of techniques to improve my knee’s function, and continues to help me improve at a pace specific to my needs. After a few short weeks, I am proud to say that I can finally walk up steps on my own for the first time in nearly 5 years. Thank you Evolution Sports Physiotherapy!

– Sean S., 36 y.o. Weightlifter, Father of 2

I play tennis at least 3-4 times a week. I’m 65 years old. Almost every tennis player I know has had surgery. Knees, ACL’s, hips, ect. When I knew I needed knee surgery, everyone warned me that the most important element to complete recovery was finding the right physiotherapist.

Luckily, I found the best!!!

Every session is deliberately and methodically geared to My ability, My age and My improvement.

I can actually feel new strength in my knee after every session.They know just how much to push, they explain everything in laymen terms. I leave PT sore from working out, but, the next day the pain is always diminished, and my knee is stronger.

It is now 4 weeks post-surgery, and I have no pain. I cannot say enough about their knowledge and expertise. Everyone is surprised at how fast I have recovered, especially me! Thanks, Morgan and Yoni!

– Diane H., 65 y.o. Tennis Player

Evolution Sports Physiotherapy is Maryland’s premier facilities to go for top notch rehabilitation services. It’s the only place I refer clients to and where I did my own personal ACL knee rehab. My knee feels is great! The staff at Evolution is professional, knowledgeable and they know how to get results!

– Nick T., 30 y.o. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Thanks for all your help. Before I went to Evolution Sports I sprained my ankle multiple times a month due to a lack of stability in it. Thanks to the guys at Evolution Sports, I strengthened the muscles in my ankle allowing better stability and further preventing injury. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thanks.

– Adam V., 16 y.o. Basketball Player

Five Stars all the way! I came to them with excruciating lower back pain due to two herniated disks, thinking that the pain would never subside. After working with them my pain has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased and they have helped me to regain strength in my legs and core. Going to Evolutions Sports has been a very fun and pleasant experience and I look forward to each session. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is in need of physical therapy!

– Christina F., 23 y.o. Athlete

I rate this organization FIVE STARS hands down! From day one, they have helped me with my medical issues in an open, proactive, and interactive way. They have demonstrated to me time and time again that improving my life and my health is their primary focus. These guys KNOW what they are doing…Trust me…I did my research…and I would know if they were sending me around the bend. They focus on your wellness with YOU in mind…not just the co pay frequency. Bravo guys! Keep on growing!!

– Steven F., 48 y.o. Engineer

After knee surgery Morgan helped me to gain strength, and build my quad muscles for the first time. Morgan’s physical therapy program took the pressure off of my knee! I have just completed my fall season of JV sports, without any knee pain. It wasn’t always fun or easy, but Morgan’s experience and encouragement was great. Thanks Morgan!

– Sarah H., 14 y.o female Field Hockey player

When I started working out with Morgan I had not exercised in years. Steadily, I improved my flexibility, strength and cardio ability. One advantage of having Morgan as a trainer is the added knowledge he brings from his physical therapy background – and how to strengthen without injury. As a person who had back surgery, and never regained complete strength or flexibility- this added dimension that Morgan offers has been invaluable. Morgan is consistent, always full of positive energy, and really works with his clients to help them achieve their goals of a training program.

– Hope H., 45 y.o. Training Client

Evolution Sports Physiotherapy is the #1 place for physical therapy treatment in the Baltimore Region. Morgan has the expertise, knowledge and experience to treat a wide array of injuries. I had chronic back pain for 5 years and have seen a number of physical therapists. Yoni and Morgan were the only physical therapists who helped alleviate my pain, and for that I am forever thankful. The level of care that you will receive at Evolution Sports Physiotherapy is second to none.

– Josh G., 28 y.o Accountant

I was treated by Morgan, a year ago, for knee pain. I was combining strength training with running, combined with a lifelong issue of hyper extending my legs. Morgan worked with me step by step to increase the strength of my legs and teach me to lift properly. He corrected my form by re-training me to prevent future injuries. Not only did he treat me for pain, but he had me running sprints by the time I left! I was discharged feeling more athletic and stronger than ever before. To this day, I follow the guidelines he has given me along with stretching, and I have been pain free. I recommend Morgan to ANYONE who is need of Physical Therapy.

– Susan S., 35 y.o. Interior Designer

I had rotator cuff surgery on 9/30/14. I came to you for my physical therapy. My therapists were Erin and Alyssa. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful they are.  The very first thing that impressed me was I was taken right on time for my first visit. Then I had one-on-one therapy the entire time I was there. This continued for every single visit. It is rare that you have an appointment with a doctor or physical therapist and you are taken on time. It is also rare that your therapist stays right with you for your entire appointment. Usually, you see that a physical therapist has at least 2 or more patients at a time and they jump around between all of you. Not with your team!The care I received was above and beyond what I have experienced in the past. They were so caring, genuinely nice and determined to help me get through my recovery.  I feel great now! I have no pain and am back to my normal routine….Thank you so much for having such a great team of therapists. I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs physical therapy.

Elaine S., 58 y.o professional

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