How to Choose the Best Physical Therapy in Baltimore

Baltimore is a hot bed of Physical Therapy clinics and none do it better than Evolution Sports Physiotherapy in Cockeysville,  Maryland.

When choosing a physical therapist in the Baltimore metropolitan area many factors come into play. Assuming you  are looking for the best care available–here are a list of questions you NEED to ask to unearth the best physical therapy in Baltimore.

1)      How many patients do your physical therapists schedule in an average hour?

Answers to this question can tell a patient a lot about the way the physical therapy clinic is structured. Patient focused care to come by and if you therapist is scheduled to spend only 30 minutes with you, chances are a majority of your care will be spent with either on a heating pad or under the care of an untrained professional (a ”tech”).  RUN AND RUN FAST. These clinics operate as mills and lead to large insurance bills and poor outcomes.

At Evolution Sports, Physical Therapy is carried out by the Physical Therapists. A patient’s hands-on care as well as their therapeutic exercise are NOT ONLY instituted by their therapist but carried out by them as well.

The therapists at Evolution Sports pride themselves on their one on one patient centered care.

2)      In what does your Physical Therapy clinic specialize?

Often times Physical Therapy clinics will claim to treat a wide range of pathologies but in actuality are equipped to specialize in none. While this encourages a large amount of patient flow through the clinic (see description of the “mill environment” above), patients are treated in a cookie cutter approach and as a result fall short of optimal outcomes.

Evolution Sports truly specializes in sports medicine and complex spine pain. Our facility and sports specific approach allow us to hone in on an athlete’s or patient’s needs. Additionally, the newly outfitted Evolution Sports Complex affords the proper tools for a patient to return to their highest potential while under the direct care of a doctor of Physical Therapy.

Further allowing for specialization is our therapists’ advanced education. With continuing education and certifications in manual therapies, dry needling and sports specific training, Evolution Sports provides the patient with both the top facility in the Baltimore area and the body of knowledge and experience to use it effectively.

3)      What interventions can the therapists complete to help me get over my injury that I cannot do on my own?

At Evolution Sports we understand that patients can use heat and ice packs at home. They can do simple home exercises and stretches on their own time and even use electrical stimulation by themselves.  Our role in your recovery is skilled, specific and progressive.

We at Evolution Sports have the know-how to implement a number of unique interventions that set us apart from other PT clinics in Baltimore. From a proper progression of sport specific exercises to the use of acupuncture needles to decrease muscle spasm (knows as “dry needling”), custom orthotic fabrication and advanced hands on therapy, we implement that which you the patient cannot. We understand the value of your time. We won’t waste it in the clinic completing tasks a patient can do on their own.

Frequently, we will hear of patients going to PT and completing the same exercises routines over and over. At Evolution Sports, we always keep you and your muscles engaged, challenged and responding. From plyometric jumps to sled pulls, we offer the knowhow and expertise to get you to your goals as soon as safely possible.

Be sure to ask the questions above when calling around Baltimore looking for a physical therapist. Compare their answers to ours and make an educated decision. A good physical therapist can make all the difference in your rehab endeavors.

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