Rehab Your New Knee After Replacement

Knee Replacement SurgeryPartial vs. Total


Knee replacement surgery involves replacing some or all of the components of the knee joint with a synthetic implant in order to repair the damaged weight-bearing surfaces that are causing pain. There are three compartments to the knee: the medial compartment (middle or inside aspect of the knee), lateral compartment (outside aspect of the knee), and patellofemoral compartment (frontal aspect of the knee where the femur, patella, and tibia meet). Partial knee replacement surgery involves the replacement and implant of one or two compartments of the knee, retaining any undamaged parts, while total knee replacement surgery involves the replacement and implant of all three compartments. Of all surgical procedures to repair injured compartments of the knee, total knee replacement surgery has the highest rate of success and offers the greatest quality of life improvement.


The expert staff of therapists at EVOLUTION SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY, INC provides patients with everything they need to recover from knee replacement surgery, focusing on early mobility and quad and functional strength. Recovery time for knee replacement surgery can take as little as 90 days with the right stretching and strengthening exercises. At Evolution Sports, we provide an environment with state-of-the-art equipment and a staff that is bound to help you reach your recovery goals. Whether you aspire to return to sport or simply walking steps without pain, Evolution Sports in Cockeysville, Maryland is the place for your when rehabilitating your knee replacement.

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