MAKOplasty-A New Approach to Partial Knee Replacement

MAKOplasty-a new approach to partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement surgery often makes doctors cringe (which in turn makes their patients cringe); especially when they are faced with the decision to replace only one of the compartments of the knee. Thanks to the brilliant minds of today’s world, those in need of partial knee replacement surgery can rest assure knowing that our doctors won’t be shaking when they start the procedure. Advances in current techniques have brought us MAKOplasty.

MAKOplasty is a partial knee replacement procedure designed to provide quicker recovery and better surgical results for patients with joint degeneration in only one compartment of the knee. MAKOplasty uses the MAKO Tactile Guidance System (TGS), which offers precision that cannot be duplicated manually. The TGS features a robotic arm and visual technology that creates a three-dimensional, virtual view of the bone surface. It then takes that image and correlates it with the surgical plan that is pre-programmed by the physician. The robotic arm is used to manipulate the cutting tools in the knee used by the doctor and appears to be weightless when cutting, but changes how it feels when the doctor gets close to a surgical boundary.

According to the MAKO Surgical Corp. website, “Experience has shown that the MAKOplasty procedure allows patients to experience a shorter hospital stay, minimal blood loss, quicker rehabilitation, and a smaller scar. In addition, many MAKOplasty patients are able to return to an active lifestyle within weeks of the procedure.”

Regarding its rehabilitative differences from a more standard partial knee replacement, interventions will not change drastically. We at Evolution Sports in Baltimore will focus on regaining strength as rapidly and functionally as possible.

Sport specific interventions would include a proper jumping progression and lateral movements to facilitate a return to such sports as skiing and tennis.

If you are considering knee replacement surgery of any kind, contact the therapists at Evolution Sports in Cockeysville- where athletes come to rehab.

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2 Responses to MAKOplasty-A New Approach to Partial Knee Replacement

  1. I work in the home health sector and find my patients due extremely well after makoplasty surgery. They generally are up on a single point cane in ten days some less, and getting range of motion results much quicker due to the advantages you list above.

    I wish this porcedure was around when I had my full TKR years ago.

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