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Personal Training and Therapy


Here at Evolution Sports, we offer a truly unique therapy environment. Unlike most physical therapy clinics, our state of the art facility contains all of the equipment found in a good strength and conditioning studio. This not only allows us to provide patients with a variety of therapeutic options, but it also allows us to offer personal training sessions as well. Whether your goal is to improve athletic performance or to just get into better shape, our facility will meet your needs.


Making the transition from physical therapy to personal training is a natural progression. The goal of therapy is to use exercise and manual techniques to rehabilitate an injury by improving the strength and conditioning of the involved muscles, tendons and ligaments. Even after your therapy sessions end, to keep yourself healthy and functional it is important to make these activities a part of your life. With this in mind, personal training sessions are the perfect way to keep you in a structured fitness program.


At Evolution Sports, we currently employ a full-time personal trainer and all of our therapists have experience in personal training. This provides you with a rare opportunity to receive training from either a therapist of your choice, or from a trainer who is in direct contact with your therapist. Think about it, after working hard to rehab your injury, why risk working with a trainer somewhere else that knows nothing about your condition? Here you know that your new workout plan will always have the goal of continuing to improve your injury and prevent a relapse. And if any problems do arise, your trainer will have easy access to a knowledgeable therapist who knows all about your condition.


Another advantage to having your personal training done at your physical therapy clinic is that your therapy sessions can be used to help direct your new training program. Physical therapy has tendency to reveal specific muscular weaknesses and imbalances that you were most likely unaware of. These are problems that even a great personal trainer is unlikely to pick up on until much later in your program. At Evolution Sports you will have the advantage of working with a trainer that is already aware of these issues from the beginning. For more information on our therapy and training programs email you can email our therapists at or our personal trainer at

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