Physical Therapy for ACL Tears and Repairs

No ACL repair is the same. Here at Evolution Sports in Baltimore, we have a unique approach to our rehab paradigm. When rehabilitating an ACL injury, it is imperative to understand the individual patient’s needs and deficits.

As range of motion is restored and quadriceps’ functions are regained, our emphasis is on closed chain rehabilitation exercises. This means that a majority of work is completed with the foot on the floor utilizing activities such as squats, split squats, single leg dead lifts and even weighted sled drags and pushes.

As the knee gets stronger, the physical therapists at Evolution Sports will teach the patient to control the forces exerted through the legs while jumping. We use the shuttle MVP to get patients beginning their jump routines earlier than most clinics, allowing for a full return to sport function as soon as the athlete/patient is ready.

While aggressive in nature, our outlook on ACL repair rehab is one predicated on function and control. Our facility allows for a forward thinking and an engaging approach.

Additionally, when considering ACL repair, a short bout of strength and conditioning based physical therapy is beneficial BEFORE surgery. Studies have supported a better outcome when engaging in strength training before surgery, and a patient can then be instructed on what exactly to expect and exercises to begin immediately following the ACL repair.
Working intimately with all local hospitals and surgeons, EVOLUTION SPORTS has set itself apart in the Baltimore community as “the place to go for ACL rehab”. Check out our website for ACL specific rehab pics and videos or  email one of our physical therapists at
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