Physical Therapy for Ankle Sprains and Injuries

Ankle injuries can be devastating to everyday functioning and athletic performance. At Evolution Sports in Baltimore, we understand that for an ankle rehabilitation program to be successful, a therapist needs to consider every patient’s unique circumstances, strengths and weaknesses. That is why we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing every patient with one-on-one treatment sessions that will continually evolve, with a goal of challenging the patient and progress the rehabilitation process.

Strength and balance training is a vital component to rehabilitating an ankle injury.

In our state of the art strength and conditioning facility, patients will progress through exercise routines that will begin with exercises designed to retrain static stabilization and balance coordination. Exercises like single leg deadlifts and single leg balancing are often prescribed at this point. These exercises will retrain the patient’s muscles so that they can get better balance and stability of their ankle to enhance function.

As the patient begins to improve in those exercises the program will progress to include more dynamic movements and functional activities. Exercises like single leg bounds and sled pushes are used to train the ankle to remain stable and maintain balance while in motion. When the patient is ready to complete their rehab, our therapists will provide patients with a home, gym and sports specific exercise program that will continue the healing process and prevent injuries from recurring.

Many of our ankle rehab programs also involve the practice of dry needling. Dry needling is a technique similar to acupuncture where small needles are placed around affected areas to stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling. This reduction in swelling helps improve range of motion, which allows for a wider variety of exercises to be performed and better overall functioning in activities of daily living.

Our unique facility combines a state of the art strength and conditioning studio and personalized attention from our therapists, allowing Evolution Sports to define itself as the place to go for treatment for athletes in the Baltimore area. And while we specialize in treating athletes, patients with ankle injuries from all sorts of circumstances have come to find that our therapists’ expertise and one of a kind approach cannot be beat.

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  1. Meghan Schmidtke says:

    Most ankle sprains happen when you make a rapid shifting movement with your foot planted, such as when you play soccer or get tackled in football. Often the ankle rolls outward and the foot turns inward. This causes the ligaments on the outside of the ankle to stretch and tear. Less often, the ankle rolls inward and the foot turns outward. This damages the ligaments on the inside of the ankle. See a picture of the different types of ankle sprains….;.

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