Totten Training Systems Educational Facility

Evolution Sports Physiotherapy is Now Officially a Totten Training Systems Educational Facility!


Evolution Sports has teamed up with Leo Totten, President of Totten Training Systems (TTS), to bring the most credentialed Olympic Lifting instruction, certification, and training to the Baltimore Area. As leaders in rehabilitation and human performance, the professionals at Evolution strive to integrate the highest level of training and accreditation into clinical practice. Utilizing the Olympic Lifts and modifications thereof to maximize strength and functional movement patterns has tremendous impact on our ability to rehabilitate high-level athletes and prepare them to train, with proper education, at the highest levels. Additionally, to revolutionize the current attitudes towards Athletic Development, we have also integrated Olympic Lifting into our Long Term Athletic Development Programs for athletes from a myriad of sports including Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Football, and martial arts/MMA fighters. As a Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F), I have seen direct benefit as well to those who train to serve in Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, and EMS services as well.

Why Leo Totten and Totten Training Systems?

Simply because he’s the Best. And we like to surround ourselves with the best educators from every field that is relevant to the programs at Evolution Sports. The clinicians at Evolution Sports have been trained by Leo through the USAW organization and have also obtained TTS certifications and we feel that we have grown through his knowledge and application of coaching techniques to our clinical practice. We look forward to hosting TTS Courses and Certifications on a yearly basis, developing our own coursework with close adherence to TTS principles, and offering training camps and other opportunities in the near future.

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