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Most athletic events require power for optimal execution, either moving an object, an opponent, or oneself within the context of competition. Olympic Lifting requires a high level of skill development, motor learning/patterning, and practice in order to develop explosive complex movements. It has a much higher neurologic demand and therefore must be taught and progressed cautiously to avoid injury or development of improper movement patterns.

The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists at Evolution Sports Physiotherapy are well versed in both power-lifting and Olympic Lifting techniques. They are capable of coaching skill acquisition and the results will follow.

If you are interested in learning more about Olympic Lifting for Sports, please call our Strength and Conditioning staff at Evolution Sports at 410-628-0520 or email Tyler Ackerman.
Evolution Sports Physiotherapy
Every Saturday. RSVP the Friday before each Saturday Class

The Cost is $10 per class.

***Any member of the Barbell Club who introduces a new member will get the cost of their class waived for that training session.
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